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We recognize the need for family care and empowerment. As educators, both Emmanuel and Jacques have both mentored students who have endured challenging family situations and have been instrumental in their growth and development. As a family, they had to endure one of the most challenging seasons of their lives: the premature birth of their son, Zuri. Zuri’s birth and development has been nothing short of miraculous and his story empowers all who hear. We’ve decided to take it one step further, and not just share Zuri’s story but walk with families who are enduring a similar season, thus, the Zuri’s Fight Initiative was born.


Through the Zuri’s Fight Initiative, Everyday People”


  • Provides emotional, spiritual, and financial support to families of babies born pre-maturely.
  • Facilitate spiritual empowerment to parents to ensure their emotional and spiritual progression.
  • Empower couples to remain committed to each other, as they seek to ensure the health of their child.



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